Delivering Comprehensive Young Driver Education

Under 17 Driving Lessons - the Comprehensive way.

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The Under 17 Car Club

An opportunity for young drivers and under 17s to learn driving as a life skill. Our junior drivers have a unique opportunity to learn all aspects of driving in safe controlled environments.



   Thats just £1.45 per hour! Quality time behind the wheel and more..! See "Why Us" for more info on our driver education modules.



Do  you text / facebook / twitter whilst driving?

...WELL DON'T!!!


 Megan in Chicago


Our own Grade X Megan Pickstock starred on BBC's One Show, along with a trip to Chicago to discuss young driver attitudes and discussions to educate first time drivers on public roads. Click on the picture left for a review of her trip in her own words.


Institute of Advanced Motorists Support

2014 IAM Summer MagazineIAM:An Opportunity, once 17 and having passed your driving test to take your Institute of Advanced Motorists test as you will have been well prepared in the necessary skills. We can asist in facilitating on road Observation drives.  We already have provided their youngest full members this year. See more here

So where else can you get so much for so little and get fantastic high quality instruction and many great days out. Even your parent will be receiving training and advice as part of the journey through the club to becoming a safe and efficient driver when you get on the road.

now to find out more or come along to one of our open days when available.


The Under 17 Car Club exists to help avoid this!

"We cannot rely on technological advances such as black boxes.." IAM Comments

£11,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust




DSA Test examiner commented "it was the best drive she had ever had" from a young 17 year old. 

...the whole spectrum of the young people taking part is extremely high....

"I really was impressed..."