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Aug 14, 2014
The 2013 accounts of the Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust have now been published.

Jul 2, 2014

Adding to Megan's success, two more Club Members have passed their IAM tests which they took on Sunday both aged 17 yrs,...

May 28, 2014

Under 17 Car Club on Breakfastime News as part of the comment and RAC Foundations findings comments.- Research by the RAC Foundation showed that 17-19 year-old drivers posed a disproportionate risk on the road to themselves and others despite making up only 1.5 per cent of licensed drivers.



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The Under 17 Car Club

An opportunity for Junior drivers under 17 to learn driving as a life skill. Our young drivers have a unique opportunity to learn all aspects of driving in safe controlled environments. Our dedication and time behind the wheel driving is second to none and if you think we are expensive then compare our prices per  minute or per hour behind the wheel. Many schemes appear cheap, £200 a session or or even £60 per hour, but the Under 17 Car Club costs significantly less, yet delivers  more than any other scheme available today:

Our current costs equate to: £8.68 per day (£1.45 per hour)

This is based  upon available time behind the wheel actually driving (6hrs per day) and attending 34 days of club meetings. Even if you were to attend 50% of the available days it would still only equate to £17.36 per day, (£2.90 per hour).

OPEN DAY 2014 - Why not check us out, we have one open day left for 2014, so register and come along for a half day overview as to how we operate. You will also experience one of our venues and be driven by one of our Members who will astound you at how good a driver they are, probably better than yourself! Click on the sign to register your interest in attending one of our two remaining open days. Both remaining days are in WIltshire.

Open Day


Open Day - 12th October


We meet on average 34 times a year where you take advantage of our facilities.

We rarely cancel unless the weather conditions are too treacherous to reach a venue in the first place. We like to try and allow the young drivers to experience as many weather conditions as possible.

Included in our curriculum: For more details of below and all our activities click here

Multiple Venues; Offering different driving opportunities to cover the variety of roads you may come across and further enhance your awareness and observation skills.

2014 IAM Summer MagazineIAM: Opportunity once 17 and having passed your driving test to take your Institute of Advanced Motorists test a syou will have been well prepared on the skills and we can asist in facilitating on road Observation drives.  We already have provided their youngest full members this year. See more here

So where else can you get so much for so little and get fantastic high quality instruction and many great days out. Even your parent will be receiving training and advice as part of the journey through the club to becoming a safe and efficient driver when you get on the road.

now to find out more or come along to one of our open days when available.

The Club Philosophy

Our philosophy promotes safe driving skills and attitudes through our continuing programme of volunteer run pre-licence driver development events.

We believe that the most effective way to enable this vulnerable group to respond to the challenges faced by novice drivers is by:


What people are saying about us & Pathfinder

Delivering excellence and quality time behind the wheel providing a comprehensive training experience for much less than other schemes provide.


More Club Members achieve IAM Passes

Adding to Megan's success, two more Club Members have passed their IAM tests which they took on Sunday both aged 17 yrs, which has astounded the IAM examiners by the quality of drivers that we as a club produce which further provides evidence that our methodology with young people really works! See news item for more information.

Praise Indeed From First Buses

First Buses Logo2Under 17 Car Club members were treated to the use of one of First's training coaches which was driven down and supported by Nick Sutton, one of their senior examiners covering the south west. Nick was extremely impressed with the competance of our young drivers, leading him to comment on his days experience.

Training Bus

"I really was impressed with the skill and ability demonstrated by those young drivers yesterday" - Nick Sutton, Delegated Examiner, First

Hampshire,Dorset & Berkshire, Devon & Cornwall. Read more here.